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    Six years ago, we started STP Resort & Doggy Day Care as a non-profit organization that performed home visits, vaccinations, and more for dogs and cats at no charge. Afterwards, we began pet sitting before opening up a full-time pet resort.
    We have a dedicated and passionate team ready to go above and beyond to give your pet what they need to be happy while you are away. All of our staff members are trained in basic pet health and have years of experience working with animals.
    Pets are only caged during feeding and nap time, but otherwise are allowed to roam about the space, although we make sure they are kept in a safe environment. At our cat and dog boarding service, your pets are our family!
    Whether it's a cat, dog, or something more exotic, we know how to keep them comfortable, engaged, and happy. Don't forget to ask about our free vaccines!
    For the best doggy daycare in the Dallas, TX area, call today!
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Our Services

Pet boarding
Pet Boarding

At STP Resort & Doggy Day Care, we understand that the worst part of going on a trip is being away from your furry friend. That's why we offer a pet boarding service for your dogs and cats! With indoor and outdoor accommodations, a climate controlled atmosphere, plenty of room for exercise and more, you can rest assured that your pup or kitty has more than enough to keep them occupied until their best friend returns. Our dog and cat boarding services are perfect for keeping your pet engaged and happy while they are looked after.

Dog boarding
Dog Boarding

At STP Resort & Doggy Day Care, we go above and beyond to make your pet feel like they're at home. We offer camera access, so you can see your pet while you're away. Your dogs are only caged during feeding and nap time, otherwise they have plenty of room to play and exercise. Our dog kennel also offers free vaccines! We also offer dog training and walking services.

Cat day care
Cat Boarding

Your cat deserves love, affection, and plenty of space to have fun and stay engaged, and they won't find a better place than STP Resort & Doggy Day Care. Our cat boarding daycare will look after your cat while you are away, while making sure they have the space and toys needed to keep them happy. From vaccines to cat teeth cleaning and more, we go the extra mile to ensure your cat feels comfortable and cared-for during it's extended stay.

Exotic pet boarding
Exotic Pet Boarding

You may have plenty of options for pet care in the Dallas, TX area for your dogs and cats, but if you own a more unconventional pet, you may find that locating proper boarding is much more of a hassle. Fortunately, you can count on exotic pet boarding from STP Resort & Doggy Day Care to ensure your pet is kept fed, comfortable, and happy. Every pet, no matter how rare or unusual, deserves to be cared for while their owners are away. Our exotic pet daycare has the facilities for a variety of different animals, call us today and let's figure out if yours is one of them!

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Airport Pet Drop Off

Have your pet waiting for you when you come home! We are located within the distance of several Dallas airports and can drive your pet to your baggage check in time for your arrival. Our airport pet drop off services are quick, prompt, and always reliable. We also offer airport pet pick up services, where we can come to you at your terminal and pick up your pet for you while you prepare to depart. For quick and easy pick up and drop off services in the Dallas, TX area, you can always count on us.

Our Team

JR (mornings)

Monica (evenings)

Torrey (Weekends)

Phillip (overnight)

All staff members are trained in basic pet health, and have years of experience working with animals.

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